by Bernard Cornwell
Category: "Fiction - Historical"
Year of Publication:2003
Date Added:04/16/2008
Date Read:09/10/2004
Notes:Thomas of Hookton takes a band of men into France to look for the grail. They take over a castle where Thomas finds Genevieve, a young woman sentenced to be burned by the Inquisition. He rescues her and they fall in love. Thomas and his cousin Guy de Vexille search for the grail and each other, both swearing to kill the other. Thomas does finally kill Guy while the Black Plague rages, then Thomas finds a clue hidden by his father and realized the Grail is the simple clay bowl used in his father's church in England. He and Genevieve return and find it and throw it into the sea because it's caused so much grief.
My Rating: 7

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