Deadly Welcome

by John D. MacDonald
Category: "Fiction - Mystery"
Year of Publication:1958
Date Added:07/20/2008
Date Read:02/15/1987
My Rating: 6

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Review - Deadly Welcome

I reread it in August, 2008 because I wanted something quick and easy. I remembered very little about the story. I must have been more in the mood because, although the plot didn't change, I enjoyed it more. I'd rate it a 7 this time.

Review - Deadly Welcome

Defense department employee Alex Doyle is sent to his hometown of Ramona Beach, Florida to try to talk a scientist into coming back to work. The scientist has been in seclusion since his wife was murdered. The dead woman, Jenna Larkin, was a brief fling of Doyle’s in high school. Doyle is reluctant to go because he has a bad reputation in the town — everyone thinks (falsely) that he robbed the couple that raised him. When Doyle first hits town, the sadistic deputy, Donnie Capp gives him a beating just for old times. Jenna’s kid sister, Betty shows up and helps him.

I won’t go into all the plot details. It turns out that Jenna and Betty’s father hid a bunch of money on a mangrove island. Jenna had a faint idea of where it is and asked an old fisherman to help her find it. Capp found out about it and killed Jenna. Now the fisherman is back. Capp kidnaps him and Betty (who was giving him a ride) and goes for the money. Alex follows with Betty’s brother and another man and finds Capp on a remote island. Capp shoots the third man and wounds Betty’s brother, then Alex kills Capp. Alex and Betty get married, and Alex moves back to town to help Betty and her brother work the marina.

Overly-complicated plot. The whole scientist thing was stupid and unnecessary.
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