Area of Suspicion

by John D. MacDonald
Category: "Fiction - Mystery"
Year of Publication:1954
Date Added:07/20/2008
Date Read:04/14/1990
Notes:Gavan Dean's fiancee married his brother, so Gavan took off for four years of solitude in Florida. Now his brother has been murdered and a group of new men are attempting to take over the family business. Gavan returns and soon smells something fishy. His brother's widow, Niki, fogs things up by seducing him. But soon, with the help of his old secretary Joan (with whom he soon falls in love), he begins investigating. Turns out Nike and the new guys are all Russian spies, sabotaging the missile parts made at the factory.
My Rating: 7

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Review - Area of Suspicion

A bit far-fetched I suppose, and more graphic in places than it needed to be, but all-in-all a pretty interesting tale.
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