by John D. MacDonald
Category: "Fiction - Adventure"
Year of Publication:1957
Date Added:07/20/2008
Date Read:08/07/2015
Notes:As Hurricane Hilda crashes into the west coast of Florida, the passengers of six cars take refuge in an old house. Their personalities — the good and the bad, the brave and the cowardly — clash and unite. MacDonald tells the stories of the characters in the first chapters — their back stories and how they got to the house, then after the storm hits, tells the story of them all together.
My Rating: 6

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Review - Hurricane

MacDonald did a similar thing in another book, telling the stories of the people involved in a highway car crash. It's an interesting device, although the characters are drawn so quickly that they become caricatures to some degree. In this book, the love that springs up in an hour or so between the government agent and the widow returning home with her husband's ashes, it a bit hard to believe.
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