Absolute Honor

by C.C. Humphreys
Category: "Fiction - Historical"
Year of Publication:2006
Date Added:08/28/2008
Date Read:10/14/2015
Notes:Jack Absolute is returning to England after fighting in the French and Indian War. On the ship, he meets McClune, an Irishman, and the two become good friends. After fighting off and capturing a French privateer, Jack and McClune head to Bath. Jack falls for McClune's niece, Laetitia and intends to elope with her, but discovers just in time that she and McClune are involved in a plot to assassinate the king who is visiting Bath. McClune escapes. Jack is arrested but proves his innocence and is sent as a spy to Rome to search out McClune. He does, but is captured by the Jacobites. He escapes and heads to Portugal where his old cavalry regiment under Burgoyne is fighting the Spaniards. Jack fights in a couple battles and thwarts a plot by McClune to surrender part of the British force to the enemy. Jack fights McClune and kills him, then resigns his commission and returns to America to find his Indian friend Ate.
My Rating: 6

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Review - Absolute Honor

Whereas the first two books had at least semblance of authenticity (within a fictional world), this one was too full of elaborate plots and conveniences. The section set in Bath was based on Sheridan's The Rivals, the play in which Jack Absolute appears as a character. Still, it was a quick, entertaining read.
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