Company of Spears

by Allan Mallinson
Category: "Fiction - Historical"
Year of Publication:2006
Date Added:08/28/2008
Date Read:12/28/2014
Notes:Matthew Hervey is in England, in temporary command of the 6th Light Dragoons and hoping to buy a higher rank. They participate in a police action — Irish Catholics are supposedly attacking a powder magazine but Hervey thinks it's a set-up to make the Catholics look bad. He is engaged to Kezia Lankester, the wife of his former officer. And he's posted to South Africa with part of his troop to train a mounted rifles unit for battle against the Zulus. In the initial action, the Zulus are beaten off after Hervey and his friend Fairbrother are almost surrounded.
My Rating: 8

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Review - Company of Spears

As with the other books in the series, it's more about the people and the day-to-day life in the cavalry than it is about action, but there's plenty of that too. I like the characters and enjoy the descriptions.
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