by Patrick O'Brian
Category: "Fiction - Historical"
Year of Publication:1938
Date Added:04/28/2009
Date Read:06/12/2015
Notes:The story of an elephant-handler in India. He falls in love with the beautiful Sashiya, and she with him. But a rival for her affections has him beaten. He has the man cursed to death. The man's relatives vow to kill Hussein, so he takes off with his elephant and has a series of adventures, at the end of which, he gets involved in espionage and murder for the English and steals a huge pile of gold. With it he builds a house and brings Sashiya home.
My Rating: 4

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Review - Hussein

Not the worst book I've read, but far closer to it than most. I didn't care a bit for the characters or the story and only read it because I enjoy O'Brian's sea novels so much. This was written when he was much younger.
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