by Patrick O'Brian
Category: "Fiction - Romance"
Year of Publication:1952
Date Added:04/28/2009
Date Read:07/18/2015
Notes:Joseph Pugh, sick of Oxford and of teaching, decides to take some time off to live in a wild and beautiful Welsh farm valley. There he falls physically ill and is nursed back to health by Bronwen Vaughn, the wife of a neighboring farmer. Slowly, unwillingly, Bronwen and Pugh fall in love, though that word is never spoken between them and there is no physical contact. But then Pritchard Ellis, a famous preacher, arrives. He hate's Pugh for his greater intelligence and Bronwen for refusing his advances. He spreads rumors and soon has the entire valley gossiping. When Bronwen's mother-in-law hears the rumors, she poisons Bronwen.
My Rating: 5

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Review - Testimonies

Well written, but in the end, unsatisfying, mostly because the point-of-view made no sense. It was told from three perspectives: Lloyd, the local schoolmaster who was a relative of the preacher Ellis and helped him spread the rumors; Pugh himself, and his account wandered all over the place and gave details of his life in the valley that had nothing to do with the story; and Bronwen, in the form of Q. and A., except that the book is written looking back at the events after she died, so who was questioning her?
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