As I Lay Dying

by William Faulkner
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Category: "Fiction - General"
Year of Publication:1930
Date Added:04/29/2009
Date Read:07/18/2009
Notes:Addie Bundren dies. Her lazy husband, Anse, is determined to carry out her final wish — to be buried in Jackson where she came from. He and his four sons, Cash, Darl, Jewel (whose father is really the local preacher, unknown to Anse) and Vardaman and his daughter, Dewey Dell, set out but run into all sorts of difficulty because of a flood. It's nine days before they get to Jackson and the body is stinking. Darl tries to burn it in a barn, out of respect for his mother, but is considered crazy and put away as soon as the funeral is over. Anse takes the opportunity in Jackson to buy some teeth and get a new wife.
My Rating: 5

Reviews for As I Lay Dying

Review - As I Lay Dying

I can't stand Faulkner's writing style, with its symbolism and stream-of-consciousness, that makes it impossible to ever be sure what is happening. The plot of this book, the simple family members and their many problems, the ever-more-stinking corpse, the heat and vultures, isn't very uplifting, but I have to admit the story carried me along somewhat. I was interested in finding out what happened.
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