The Adventures of Captain Bonneville

by Washington Irving
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Category: "Travel"
Year of Publication:1837
Date Added:01/29/2010
Date Read:03/17/2015
Notes:Captain Bonneville, of the U.S. Army, received permission to take a band of trappers to the west during the early 1830s to report on the fur trade, the Indians and the land in general. Irving met Bonneville and combined his notes with other sources to create an account of fur trading during its heyday. The trapper writes about dangerous and friendly Indian tribes, the animals that were trapped and hunted, the weather and landscape and the rival companies engaged in trade.
My Rating: 7

Reviews for The Adventures of Captain Bonneville

Review - Adventures of Captain Bonneville, The

Interesting, with great anecdotes and some humor. The book gives an informative picture of life in the west before civilization arrived. It did slow down in places where it became a day-by-day record of the travels of Bonneville and his band, but overall I enjoyed it.
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