Adventures in the Wilderness

by William H. H. Murray
List(s):"Extreme Classics"
Category: "Travel"
Year of Publication:1869
Date Added:01/29/2010
Date Read:12/12/2015
Notes:Subtitle: Camp-Life in the Adirondacks

Murray was a clergyman from New England who spent a month or so every summer in the woods in upstate New York. This book is a compilation of stories about his experiences. He also gives advice to those wanting to make similar trips. Chapters include accounts of fishing and hunting, of chasing the ghost of an Indian maiden through a rapids and over a waterfall, and of a story told by a soldier of being stuck in a train car with a mad horse. There was also a chapter on seeing God in nature.
My Rating: 7

Reviews for Adventures in the Wilderness

Review - Adventures in the Wilderness

This book was a surprise. It was unlike anything else I came across on the National Geographic list. The reason it was included is because it was responsible for starting a fad of traveling and experiencing the outdoors. The writing style was definitely 1800s, as was the humor. But I couldn't help liking the guy and his approach to life (although I found the chapter on his relentless pursuit to kill a loon during a thunderstorm to be a bit hard to understand).
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