Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

by Frank Miller
Category: "Graphic Story"
Year of Publication:1986
Date Added:07/23/2014
Date Read:09/19/2015
Notes:Gotham is being terrorized by a gang called the Mutants. Batman comes out of retirement to fight them and, along the way, defeats Tw0-Face and kills the Joker. He then beats the leader of the Mutants, which immediately makes all the other gang members follow him instead. A 13-year-old girl named Kelley becomes the new Robin because she saved her money and bought a uniform and Batman is OK with that. Then Superman is told by the President to stop Batman. Before he can, he stops a Russian nuclear bomb from hitting a war zone and explodes it in the desert, which knocks out all the power in the world. And then Batman and Superman fight and Batman is supposedly killed, but not really.
My Rating: 3

Reviews for Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Review - Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

If my summary sounded incoherent, that's because the story was incoherent. The story line kept switching from scene to scene without explanation. Pages were filled with tiny "TV screens" on which pundits argued about Batman's vigilanteism all of which was boring. The art work was sloppy and I often had no idea what I was looking at. The villain of the piece kept switching from one group or person to another. People who were enemies of Batman on one page were his allies on the next. It was all a dark, disturbing, sloppy mess that has been credited with the recent spate of dark, violent movies that I don't like either.
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