Champlain's Dream

by David Hackett Fischer
Category: "World History - Cultural"
Year of Publication:2008
Date Added:06/09/2015
Date Read:02/20/2016
Notes:A biography of Samuel de Champlain (1567-1635) a French soldier, explorer, cartographer and statesman who founded and led the French colonies on the St. Lawrence River in what is now Canada. His vision, adopted from his mentor King Henri IV, was to build a community where Europeans and Indians lived in harmony under the umbrella of France and the Catholic church (although he was tolerant of other religions). After Henri IV died, Champlain was able to continue his leadership under Louis XIII. It was he who discovered and choose the sites for Quebec and Montreal. He was also influential in the founding of the French settlements in Acadia.
My Rating: 7

Reviews for Champlain's Dream

Review - Champlain's Dream

Well-written and interesting, if never thrilling. Champlain was an extraordinary man, wise, loyal and kind. The book probably could have covered the ground adequately with 100 or so fewer pages.
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