The Man of Bronze

by Kenneth Robeson
Category: "Fiction - Adventure"
Year of Publication:1933
Date Added:10/10/2019
Date Read:10/10/2019
Notes:Doc Savage is the precursor and part of the inspiration for Superman and James Bond. He's a man trained from birth in all sorts of knowledge and physical prowess. He has five friends, all skilled fighters, each with his own expertise. The six of them travel around the world helping people in need. In this, their first adventure, they discover that Doc's father has been killed. Doc's inheritance is a deed to land in the Central American country of Hildalgo. But before they can go there, they are attacked by strange red-fingered men. It turns out that these men are part of a cult of Mayans who are trying to overthrow the government of Hildalgo. Doc and his men travel to the jungle and find a tribe of pure Mayans. Their chief, Chaac and his beautiful daughter Monja knew Doc's father. They tell him that the valley has a wealth of gold that Doc can use to fund his missions. But first they must wipe out the red-fingered men who attack them with germs, gas, superstitions, and machine guns. But Doc and his men can withstand anything and wipe out the evil men.
My Rating: 6

Reviews for The Man of Bronze

Review - Man of Bronze, The

I found it interesting from an historical perspective—dipping into the most famous of the pulp fiction series from the 1930's. And it wasn't as badly written as I expected, although the prose was decidedly purple. For example: Some blocks away, the skyscraper under construction loomed a darksome pile, crowned with a spidery labyrinth of steel girders. Only the vaguest outlines of it were discernible. Impossible, of course, to glimpse the strange, crimson-fingered servant of death in that wilderness of metal!

Doc is impossible skilled, knowledgeable, insightful, and powerful. None of the characters are developed at all, so there's not really anybody to root for. It's just wild, rushing, non-stop adventure with cliff-hangers galore.
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