Young Man with a Horn

by Dorothy Baker
Category: "Fiction - General"
Year of Publication:1938
Date Added:02/18/2021
Date Read:03/18/2021
Notes:Armed Services Edition

Rick Martin was a white orphan kid who taught himself how to play the piano and the trumpet. He met Smoke, a young black kid who worked at the same bowling alley. They discovered they had a mutual interest in music, and Smoke introduced Rick to the black Jazz clubs in Los Angeles. Before long, Rick was making a name for himself. He became a big shot in New York and married a society wife. But the marriage didn't last, and neither did Rick's career. His talent had taken him beyond what people could understand or appreciate and he felt like there was no place for him in the world. While he was still young, he died from alcoholism.
My Rating: 5

Reviews for Young Man with a Horn

Review - Young Man with a Horn

Certainly not a cheery book. The descriptions of music made me want to hear what was being described, but otherwise, there wasn't much to care about.
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