As They See 'Em

by Bruce Weber
Category: "Sports"
Year of Publication:2009
Date Added:03/01/2021
Date Read:07/20/2021
Notes:Subtitle: A Fan's Travels in the Land of Umpires

The author attends umpire school, works as an umpire in the Minor Leagues and in local games, and interviews several umpires. He goes into the training, the life, and what it's like on a Major League field. He also covers some of the more controversial calls in recent history.
My Rating: 7

Reviews for As They See 'Em

Review - As They See 'Em

Pretty good. Made me more sympathetic toward umpires. For example, I learned that the strike zone has depth too, while the box I see on TV coverage does not, so some pitches that appear out of the zone might be in. The book kept my interest, although it may have been a bit too long, and it really concentrated on the years 2006-2008, when the author was writing it and so is somewhat dated.
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