Cast Away

directed by Robert Zemeckis
Category: "Action/Adventure"
Year of Release:2000
Date Added:01/18/2005
Date Watched:12/29/2000
Description:Tom Hanks .... Chuck Noland
Helen Hunt .... Kelly Frears
Lari White .... Bettina Peterson
My Rating:8

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Review - Cast Away

Chuck Noland is a busy FedEx executive who is obsessed with keeping the company’s delivery on time. On Christmas night, he has to make a flight to Malaysia. As he leaves, he gives his girlfriend Kelly an engagement ring. The plane gets caught in a storm and crashes into the ocean, hundreds of miles off course. Chuck is the only survivor, and drifts ashore on a small island. He is stranded there for over four years, struggling to learn how to gather food, find water, build fire, deal with injuries and a rotting tooth. He opens several packages that washed ashore from the plane. One of them was a Wilson volleyball that Chuck makes into his companion. All the other packages provide things he can use to survive — like ice skates her turns into a hatchet. One package he leaves unopened because he’s intrigued by the drawing on the box. One day, two walls of a plastic outhouse washes ashore. He builds a raft and fashions the walls as a sail. He sets out into the ocean. Wilson washes overboard. Finally, a ship passes and picks him up. When he returns to civilization, he finds out that his friends have had a funeral for him and Kelly is remarried. She still loves him and is tempted to go with him, but decides to stay with her husband. Chuck goes to Texas and delivers the package he kept all the years. The girl who made the drawing drives by and the movie ends with Chuck contemplating following her.

• Production was halted for a year so Tom Hanks could lose fifty pounds and grow out his hair for his time spent on the deserted island. During this hiatus, Robert Zemeckis used the same crew to film What Lies Beneath (2000).

• Robert Zemeckis was asked at a Q&A session at USC what was in the unopened packaged. He replied that it was a waterproof, solar-powered, satellite phone.

I just watched this for the first time since I originally saw it in the theater. My reaction was similar — I like it because it made me think about how I would have handled the situation. I dislike it because I find it hard to believe that someone could spend over four years alone on an island and never think about God or the greater meaning of life. Hank's character went through this whole experience and came away with the philosophy of "just keep breathing." That's not a philosophy that would motivate me.

As for surviving, I could have done better than he did in some ways — I wouldn't have been afraid of the sound of falling coconuts for example ... But I don't know if I would have had the guts to launch the raft.
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