Gone with the Wind

directed by Victor Fleming
Category: "War"
Year of Release:1939
Date Added:02/13/2005
Date Watched:02/13/2005
Description:Based on Margaret Mitchell's novel of the same name.
My Rating:7

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Review - Gone with the Wind (movie)

Scarlett loves Ashley, but he marries Melanie, just before the men go off to war. Scarlett marries Melanie’s brother, just to get back at Ashley, but is soon made a widow. Meanwhile, rouge and blockade-runner, Rhett Butler, decides he wants Scarlett. She keeps putting him off in hopes of landing Ashley somehow. The war comes and Scarlett goes to Atlanta to stay with Melanie. As the Yankees are entering town, Rhett helps Scarlett escape with the sick Melanie and her newborn. But Rhett leaves them to join the fighting before they reach Tara, Scarlett’s home. She manages to get the others there, only to find that her mother has just died, her father has gone crazy (and soon dies) and the Yankees have taken all the food. She takes over and plants cotton and grows food and somehow manages to keep the family together.

When the war ends. Ashley comes home. Scarlett finds out she needs to come up with $300 for taxes. Rhett can’t give it to her, so she seduces her sister’s fiancée Charles into marrying her instead and giving her the money. Scarlett and Ashley open a sawmill together and soon are making money. Scarlett gets attacked when she brazenly goes through a shanty town, and Charles and Ashley and some other men go to get revenge. Charles is killed and Ashley is wounded. Rhett soon talks Scarlett into marrying him, and they have a girl, Bonnie, who is the love of Rhett’s life. But when he finds out Scarlett still loves Ashely, he takes Bonnie and heads for London. When they come back, Scarlett is pregnant again. Rhett and Scarlett have a scene and Scarlett falls down the stairs and miscarries. When she recovers from her fall, Bonnie is killed falling off a horse. Then Melanie gets sick. When she dies, Scarlett runs and hugs Ashley. Rhett leaves, but Scarlett realizes she loves Rhett after all. She chases after him, but he puts her off and leaves. The movie ends with Scarlett determined to go back to Tara and get Rhet back somehow.

• From IMDB — In 1939, the Hollywood Production Code dictated what could and could not be shown or said on screen, and Rhett Butler's memorable last line raised red flags. A few of the suggested alternatives were "Frankly my dear... I just don't care," "...it makes my gorge rise," "...my indifference is boundless," "...I don't give a hoot," and "...nothing could interest me less." Fortunately, producer Selznick elected to pay a $5,000 fine and keep the original, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."

I was suffering from a bad head cold and didn't feel like moving, so I thought it was a good time to watch this four-hour movie. I think the acting is great, the characters are well-drawn, the plot is interesting, but four hours was a bit long — even with a head cold.
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