Big Fish

directed by Tim Burton
Category: "Fantasy"
Year of Release:2004
Date Added:02/20/2005
Date Watched:10/09/2004
Description:Based on the book Big Fish by Daniel Wallace.

Ewan McGregor — Ed Bloom (Young)
Albert Finney — Ed Bloom (Senior)
Billy Crudup — Will Bloom
Jessica Lange — Sandra Bloom (Senior)
Helena Bonham Carter — Jenny (Young & Senior) & The Witch
Alison Lohman — Sandra Bloom (Young)
Robert Guillaume — Dr. Bennett (Senior)
Marion Cotillard — Josephine
Matthew McGrory — Karl the Giant
My Rating:6

Reviews for Big Fish

Review - Big Fish (movie)

Ed Bloom is dying. His son Will, who hasn’t spoken to Ed in several years, goes back to attempt one last time to get to know his father. The problem is that Ed is a storyteller — he jokes and tells tall tales all the time. In all his stories, he’s the big shot of the situation — a big fish in a small pond. The movie shows Ed’s final days mixed with flashbacks of his life as myths: he makes friend with a giant, works for a circus, meets a mermaid and a witch. The end of the movie mixes myth and reality as several of his mythical characters show up at his funeral. It concludes with Will carrying his father to the river where Ed turns into a big fish.

• The movie wasn’t as funny as the book. Bloom’s character told a lot of jokes in the book. There was just one in the movie. Ed dreamed that his aunt was going to die. The next day she died. Then he dreamed his father was going to die. The next day, his father came home from work and told his wife he’d had a really bad day. His wife said, “You think your day was bad. This morning the milkman dropped dead on the porch.”
• I was surprised at how old Jessica Lange is, and how small a part she’s reduced to accepting.
• Danny DeVito played the circus ringmaster. I could have done without the scene where he appeared naked from the rear.
• The only character in the movie I really liked was Josphine, Will’s wife (Marion Cotillard).

The occasion was a Carp party. Shane and Penny Fox were also there with their daughter, Haley, but they left shortly after the movie began. I felt about the movie much the way I felt after reading the book — that I came just short of understanding what was going on.
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