Rear Window

directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Category: "Suspense"
Year of Release:1954
Date Added:02/23/2005
Date Watched:11/01/2004
Description:An invalid is sure he's detected a murder, but he has a hard time convincing anyone.

James Stewart .... L. B. 'Jeff' Jeffries
Grace Kelly .... Lisa Carol Fremont
Wendell Corey .... Lt. Thomas J. Doyle
Thelma Ritter .... Stella
Raymond Burr .... Lars Thorwald
Judith Evelyn .... Miss Lonelyheart
Ross Bagdasarian .... Songwriter
Georgine Darcy .... Miss Torso (the ballet dancer)
Irene Winston .... Mrs. Anna Thorwald
My Rating:9

Reviews for Rear Window

Review - Rear Window

I loved the characters and the set. It is my favorite Hitchcock movie of the ones I've seen.

Hitchcock sighting: One of Jeff’s neighbors is a song writer. Hitchcock is seen in this apartment, listening to the man play a song on the piano. (Hitchcock makes a cameo appearance in every movie he directed.)
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