The Day of the Triffids

directed by Steve Sekely
Category: "Fantasy"
Year of Release:1962
Date Added:07/31/2006
Date Watched:07/31/2006

Howard Keel .... Bill Masen
Nicole Maurey .... Christine Durrant
Janette Scott .... Karen Goodwin
Kieron Moore .... Tom Goodwin
Mervyn Johns .... Mr. Coker
Alison Leggatt .... Miss Coker
Janina Faye .... Susan

Stay inside and lock the doors for The Day of the Triffids is coming! For reasons unexplained by science, hundreds of meteorites begin to fall to Earth and blind those who witness the phenomenon. The few who retain their sight are horrified to encounter dandelion-like fluff known as triffids. These triffids multiply and grow into man-eating plants that begin to march on civilization, destroying everyone in their path. Join four survivors of the terrifying onslaught of triffids as they search for a means of destroying the menacing plants.
My Rating:6

Reviews for The Day of the Triffids

Review - Day of the Triffids, The

Brief Synopsis: A worldwide meteor shower causes blindness in anyone who views it and sprays the earth with seeds of the triffid, a man-eating plant. British navy man Bill Masen is recovering from an eye operation and so doesn’t go blind. He makes his way through London, finding Susan, a young girl who was stowed away on a train and can also see. They travel to France where those who still have their sight call a meeting to deal with the triffids. By the time Bill and Susan arrive, however, France is in chaos and the meeting is off. They happen upon a hospital where Mr. Coker and his daughter (who were sedated when the meteors hit) are caring for blind people. A gang of convicts overruns the place, and Bill escapes with Susan and Miss Coker. They head for Spain where American submarines are rescuing survivors. On the way, they happen upon a blind couple and help them to safety. Susan realizes the triffids are attracted by sound and so leads them away with a circus truck.

While all this is going on, scientists Tom and Karen Goodwin are stuck in a lighthouse, dealing with triffids on their island and trying to figure out what makes the triffids function. The triffids attack and drive them up to the top of the light house where Tom sprays them with salt water, which causes them to melt — thereby saving the world — although there’s no explanation of how they get off the island to tell the rest of the world what they’ve discovered.

What I liked about it: I didn’t really like anything about it, although it was so stupid in places that I was amused.

What I didn’t like about it: Poor acting, poor special effects, poor filming, poor pacing. It was just a goofy film with very little to recommend it beyond its amusing stupidity.

Memorable quotes: Stay back. It’s no use getting killed by a plant.

Bottom line: I gave it a 6 for its cultural/historical campiness.

Review - Day of the Triffids (Movie), The

Craig loaned my his copy of this movie, and I'll be eternally grateful. Like him, I found it to be better than I expected — but that's not saying that it was good. It was enjoyable for its campiness but otherwise pretty pathetic. In addition to his things to watch for I'll add two of my own.


1) The scientist couple in the lighthouse on the island are attacked by triffids repeatedly. Finally, they discover that the triffids desolve in salt water. But in shot after shot after shot all through the movie, we see the tiny island where the lighthouse is located totally drenched with salt water from the waves that break over it.

2) When the scientists discover the secret to killing the triffids, the movie ends and mankind is saved. But the scientists are still stranded on a tiny island. How do they get the secret out to the rest of mankind?
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