The Gold Rush

directed by Charles Chaplin
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1925
Date Added:01/31/2007
Date Watched:11/26/2004
Description:Chaplin's famous Little Tramp character travels to the Klondike to search for gold.
My Rating:8

Reviews for The Gold Rush

Review - Gold Rush, The

I expected this movie to be boring — as I expect all silent movies to be. It took some time to adjust to following the action without dialogue, but I soon got lost in the action and enjoyed it tremendously. There's one scene, where the Little Tramp is dancing and a dog is following him everywhere he goes. I was laughing out loud, just as my daughter and her friends walked into the house. They came down to see what I was laughing at, so I replayed the scene. It cracked them up too, so the movie can, at least in part, appeal to teens. Give it a try.
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