American Graffiti

directed by George Lucas
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:1973
Date Added:09/08/2007
Date Watched:11/16/2005
Description:The adventures of four California teens on the night before two of them head to college. If you like 50's music, you'll love the soundtrack.

Richard Dreyfuss ... Curt Henderson
Ron Howard ... Steve Bolander
Paul Le Mat ... John Milner
Charles Martin Smith ... Terry 'The Toad' Fields
Cindy Williams ... Laurie Henderson
Candy Clark ... Debbie Dunham
Mackenzie Phillips ... Carol
Wolfman Jack ... XERB Disc Jockey
Bo Hopkins ... Joe Young
Harrison Ford ... Bob Falfa
My Rating:8

Reviews for American Graffiti

Review - American Graffiti

It’s a summer night in a small California town, on the eve of Curt and Steve’s departure for college. Steve starts the night by telling his girlfriend Laurie that he thinks they should date other people while he’s away at college.

Curt is doubting whether he wants to go to college after all. He goes to a sock hop with Steve and Laurie, but wanders away and spends the evening seeking a mysterious girl in a white Corvette. Along the way he gets in to trouble with the Pharoahs street gang and has to wire a cop car to a lamp post to keep from getting beaten up.

Nerd Terry uses Steve’s car to pick up a wandering Debbie. She asks him to get some liquor, which he does from a man robbing a liquor store. Terry and Debbie go to the lake to make out and drink, and Steve’s car is stolen. They find it later, but Terry gets beaten up by the thugs who took it. His friend John rescues him.

John has the fastest hot rod in town. He picks up Carol, who turns out to be a lot younger than he thought she was and spends much of the night trying to find out where she lives so he can take her home. In the process, they become friends. An out-of-towner is looking for him to race, and catches up with him near dawn. They race and the out-of-towner crashes with Laurie in the car, but both are OK.

John goes on being John. Debbie tells Terry to call her again some time. Steve decides not to go to college and hangs out with Laurie. Curt decides he does and leaves in the morning.

Funny and sad. I’ve seen it before, but I don’t think the sad part came through before. It was basically the story of four lost kids who have no clue about life. Only Curt shows any promise.
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