Back to the Future Part III

directed by Robert Zemeckis
Category: "Action/Adventure"
Year of Release:1990
Date Added:09/08/2007
Date Watched:11/20/1990
Description:The conclusion of the trilogy sends Marty McFly on a rescue mission to the year 1885, where he must save Doc Brown from death at the hands of yet another member of the Tannen clan. While back there, Doc meets Clara (Mary Steenburgen). After defeating Tannen, Marty returns to 1985 and destroys the machine. Doc stays back with Clara — until he shows up with Clara in a time machine train.
My Rating:8

Reviews for Back to the Future Part III

Review - Back to the Future Part III

In many ways, I enjoyed this movie the best of the three. It was more of a straight story with fewer time twists, but I was entertained. The ending with the flying train was stupid.
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