Batman Begins

directed by Christopher Nolan
Category: "Action/Adventure"
Year of Release:2005
Date Added:09/15/2007
Date Watched:06/15/2005
Description:The story of how Bruce Wayne became Batman.

Christian Bale ... Bruce Wayne/Batman
Michael Caine ... Alfred
Liam Neeson ... Henri Ducard
Katie Holmes ... Rachel Dawes
Gary Oldman ... Jim Gordon
Cillian Murphy ... Dr. Jonathan Crane
Tom Wilkinson ... Carmine Falcone
Rutger Hauer ... Earle
Ken Watanabe ... Ra's Al Ghul
My Rating:8

Reviews for Batman Begins

Review - Batman Begins

The movie sticks pretty close to the traditional Batman story. Young Bruce Wayne sees his parents shot during a hold up and is obsessed with guilt. He wanders around for a while until contacted by Ducard who takes him to the lair of Ra’s Al Ghul where Bruce is trained as a member of a secret vigilante society. At the end of the training, Bruce rebels at the final test when he’s asked to put a criminal to death without a trial. He is attacked and kills Ra’s Al Ghul, then burns down his lair after pulling Ducard to safety.

Wayne returns to Gotham and, with the help of his butler Alfred takes on the guise of Batman. His childhood friend, Rachel Dawes is now the assistant district attorney. When she gets too close to finding answers on the mob boss Falcone, she is kidnapped by Falcone’s associate, Dr. Crane, the Scarecrow. Batman rescues her and discovers a plot by Crane and Ducard to kill everyone in Gotham. With the help of a young Jim Gordon, he manages to kill Ducard and stop the plot.

I really didn’t care at all for Christian Bale. I was never able to warm up to him and thought he was a stiff in the role. But I liked the other characters and the plot and the sets and costumes and stuff. Even Sal found it entertaining. I liked that they played the character straight without the campiness of other movies.
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