A Boy Named Charlie Brown

directed by Bill Melendez
List(s):"Movie One"
Category: "Animation"
Year of Release:1969
Date Added:11/25/2007
Date Watched:03/30/2015
Description:After failing at kite flying, baseball and pretty much everything else he tries, Charlie is depressed. But Linus convinces him to enter the school spelling bee. He wins and is off to the national spelling bee finals. Linus gives him his blanket for luck but can't live with out it. He and Snoopy follow and watch as Charlie makes it to the final two — before misspelling "beagle." He goes home depressed, but Linus reminds him that the world hasn't come to an end.
My Rating:5

Reviews for A Boy Named Charlie Brown

Review - A Boy Named Charlie Brown

The basic story is good, and would have been fun to watch if it had lasted no longer than 45 minutes. But it was very slow moving, with lots of padding with fantasy sequences (Schroeder as a concert pianist, Snoopy as a pilot and ice skater, etc.) that added little.
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