Close Encounters of the Third Kind

directed by Steven Spielberg
Category: "Suspense"
Year of Release:1977
Date Added:01/24/2008
Date Watched:01/01/2011
Description:Close Encounter of the First Kind - Sighting of a UFO.
Close Encounter of the Second Kind - Physical Evidence.
Close Encounter of the Third Kind - Contact.

Roy Neary (Richard Dreyfuss) is an electrician who sees a UFO. He becomes so obsessed that he loses his job and his wife and family leave him. He meets Jillian (Melinda Dillon), whose young son has been kidnapped by the aliens. They are drawn to travel to Devil's Tower where they discover the government has evacuated the area. They sneak in and see a huge spaceship land. The aliens release the young boy and several other people they have taken over the years. Contact is made and a few people, including Roy, are invited into the ship.
My Rating:6

Reviews for Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Review - Close Encounters of the Third Kind

I've been aware of this movie since it first came out but never really had a desire to see it. I did so now only because of its "classic" status. I was surprised at just how dull and silly it was. The story wasn't about the aliens — it was about Roy and how obsessed he becomes. When we finally do meet the aliens, so much is left unexplained that I found it totally unconvincing. While it wasn't painful to watch, I have to desire to see it again.
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