directed by John Cromwell
Category: "Suspense"
Year of Release:1938
Date Added:01/24/2008
Date Watched:04/11/2006
Description:You've Got A Date With Danger, A Rendezvous With Romance In The Glamorous, Mysterious Algiers.

Pepe le Moko is a notorious Parisian jewel thief hanging out in the Casbah in Algiers. The police know he’s there, living with his mistress Ines, but they can’t get him because he’s protected by his gang and the inhabitants of the neighborhood.

Gaby is a rich woman from Paris in Algiers on vacation with her fiancé. Inspector Slimane of the police brings her to the Casbah and introduces her to Pepe. The two fall in love, and Gaby returns and visits Pepe every day. Slimane sees his chance to arrest Pepe. He sends word that Gaby is waiting for him at her hotel in town. Slimane then tells Gaby’s fiancé about Pepe. But one of Pepe’s men tips him off that Gaby is on a ship leaving for France. He sneaks away and buys a ticket.

Ines isn’t willing to lose Pepe to Gaby, so she tells Slimane where Pepe is. Slimane goes to the ship and arrests Pepe. As the ship leaves port, Pepe sees Gaby on the deck and runs to call to her. A policeman thinks he’s trying to escape and shoots him.
My Rating:7

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Review - Algiers

The atmosphere was good, and it was fun watching the old-time actors and actresses. (This is the movie that made Hedy Lamarr a star.) But the movie needs to be restored. It’s blurry with poor sound. The acting was really campy, and the movie didn’t really have a plot.
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