directed by Charles Vidor
Category: "Suspense"
Year of Release:1946
Date Added:01/24/2008
Date Watched:10/22/2006
Description:The sinister boss of a South American casino finds that his right-hand man Johnny and his new wife Gilda already know each other.
My Rating:8

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Review - Gilda

Johnny Farrell is an American gambler wandering in Argentina to escape from the woman he loves/hates. He is hired as manager at a casino owned by Ballin Mundson and pledges to watch out for his best interest. That gets tricky when Mundson travels to the States and comes back with a new wife — Gilda, the very woman Johnny is trying to forget.

Johnny is pulled in several directions — his loyalty to his boss, his love for Gilda and his disgust with her lifestyle. She takes every opportunity to run around and flaunt herself, all to get under Johnny’s skin. Meanwhile, Mundson is involved in a shady deal trying to control the tungsten market. He kills one of his rivals and rushes home to get Gilda before fleeing. He finds her in Johnny’s arms. He takes off in a plane and apparently crashes into the ocean.

Johnny marries Gilda to torment her for the way she is. He takes over Mundson’s business, but soon runs afoul of police detective Obregon and is forced to expose all Mundson’s partners. The whole time, Johnny has his henchmen following Gilda everywhere to keep her in line. She tries to run away but is brought back. Finally, Gilda gives up and decides to head back to America. Johnny goes to say good-bye and they fall into each other’s arms. Just then Mundson shows up and tries to kill both of them. He is killed by Uncle Pio, the washroom attendant in the casino. Obregon arrives just then. He calls Mundson’s death justifiable homicide and sends Johnny and Gilda on their way together.

Rita Hayworth was stunning. This was the movie that sealed her reputation as a siren. Her “striptease” at the end, during which she only removes one glove, is famous. Because of the mood throughout, I was somewhat surprised by the happy ending, but I wasn’t sorry — I always like happy endings. The main plot was simply this — two people who couldn’t stand each other and couldn’t stand to be apart.
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