Along Came Jones

directed by Stuart Heisler
Category: "Western"
Year of Release:1945
Date Added:04/03/2008
Date Watched:12/06/2005
Description:Gary Cooper ... Melody Jones
Loretta Young ... Cherry de Longpre
William Demarest ... George Fury
Dan Duryea ... Monte Jarrad
My Rating:5

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Review - Along Came Jones

Monte Jarrad holds up the stage, takes a bag of money and kills the guard. He is wounded and holes up in the barn of a friend, Longpre, who lives with his (Longpre’s) sister, Cherry. Cowpoke Melody Jones, who looks like Jarrad, rides into town looking for work. Everyone sees the MJ on his saddle and assumes he’s Jarrad. They treat him with fear and keep their distance, but some are after him for the reward. Cherry gets Jones out of town and tells him of his danger, but her motives are suspect. She wants the posse to follow him so Jarrad can leave in the other direction. Jones knows she’s up to something and comes back. There’s a lot of this and a little bit of that, but the bottom line is that Jones keeps sticking his neck in the middle of things and risking his life because he likes Cherry and wants her to get out of the trouble she’s in. Finally there’s a showdown. Jones can’t shoot at all, and Jarrad puts two bullets into him. Cherry shoots from behind Jones, nicking him in the ear and killing Jarrad. Jones thinks she was aiming for him, but then she puts on a show to demonstrate how good a shot she is and Jones realizes she like him.

Supposed to be funny, and deliberately poorly made as part of the joke, but it was just silly with very few laughs.
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