directed by Milos Forman
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:1984
Date Added:04/03/2008
Date Watched:05/10/2005
Description:F. Murray Abraham ... Antonio Salieri
Tom Hulce ... Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Elizabeth Berridge ... Constanze Mozart
My Rating:5

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Review - Amadeus

The career of Mozart as told by rival composer Salieri. Salieri is an old man. He tried to kill himself and is taken to an asylum where he is visited by a priest. He tells the priest that he’s responsible for Mozart’s death, then tells the story of their careers in a series of flashbacks.

Salieri always loved music and asks God for the talent to praise him through his compositions. He gets a position at court and thinks he’s reached his goal. Then Mozart shows up. Mozart is a libertine and a drunk, but his music is obviously far superior. Salieri can’t figure out why God would work things that way. But Mozart continues to rise and Salieri determines to destroy him.

Meanwhile, Mozart marries Constanze and lives in poverty (because of his free-spending ways) with his wife and daughter. His father shows up and expresses his disapproval, but Constanze kicks him out. Soon after, his father dies. Mozart lives with guilt. Salieri picks up on this from Mozart’s opera. Salieri disguises himself as Mozart’s father and commissions a musical work. At the same time, Constanze is pushing him to write a comic opera to bring in money. Mozart works himself to death, and Salieri lives with the knowledge that his music is no longer played but Mozart’s will live forever.

The basic story of the rivalry between Salieri and Mozart was interesting, but the long opera sequences were just boring and I didn’t get a lot of the musical allusions. The acting was OK. I gave it a 5. Sal liked it better than I did.
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