The Band Wagon

directed by Vincente Minnelli
Category: "Musical"
Year of Release:1953
Date Added:04/04/2008
Date Watched:05/05/2005
Description:Not much of a plot really. Song-and-dance man Tony Hunter (Fred Astaire) is convinced by his song-writing friends, the Martins, to put on a Broadway play. They pick Jeffrey Cordova to be the director, and he changes their friendly, happy play into a modern story of Faust, hiring ballet dancer, Gabrielle Gerard (Cyd Charisse) to play the female lead. The show bombs. Tony takes over and restores the play to its original format and it’s a hit. To begin with Tony and Gabrielle don’t get along, but by the end of the movie, they’re in love with each other.
My Rating:6

Reviews for The Band Wagon

Review - Band Wagon, The

The best line was during “The Girl Hunt” ballet. Astaire’s character, referring to Charisse’s character who was slinking across the stage, said, “She came at me in sections.”

A few of the songs were OK. The only one I’d heard before was “That’s Entertainment,” and possibly “Louisiana Hayride.” I also liked “The Triplets,” but not much else. None of the songs had anything to do with the plot of the movie or the plot of the play they were supposed to be part of. Cyd Charisse was appealing in her role. Astaire was Astaire, but seemed a bit old and never really let loose.
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