directed by Nora Ephron
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:2005
Date Added:04/04/2008
Date Watched:06/26/2005
Description:Nicole Kidman ... Isabel Bigelow / Samantha
Will Ferrell ... Jack Wyatt / Darrin
Shirley MacLaine ... Iris Smythson / Endora
Michael Caine ... Nigel Bigelow
Jason Schwartzman ... Ritchie
My Rating:5

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Review - Bewitched

Jack Wyatt’s acting career is crumbling. He decides to do a remake of Bewitched, but with Darren as the lead instead of Samantha. Because of this, he searches for an unknown actress and finds Isabel Bigelow in a store. She tries out for the part because she’s attracted to Jack and wants to be in love. The show flops with Darren in the lead, but then Aunt Clara shows up and casts a spell on him to make him love Samantha. He gives Samantha the lead and the show is a success, but she doesn’t want him just because of a spell. She frees him and tells him she’s a witch. He gets scared and flees, but then Uncle Arthur shows up and convinces him to lover her after all.

It was as stupid as it sounds. I would have been much better if it was just a straight remake without the whole Isabel/Jack thing. Since Isabel and Jack were used, it made no sense for Aunt Clara and Uncle Arthur to show up. Will Ferrell just overacted in a stupid role. Nicole Kidman was the only redeeming feature. Shirley MacLaine looked drunk and bored with her role, and Michael Caine added nothing as Isabel’s womanizing warlock father. Neither Sal or I cared for it.
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