The Brothers Grimm

directed by Terry Gilliam
Category: "Fantasy"
Year of Release:2005
Date Added:04/04/2008
Date Watched:02/13/2006
Description:Matt Damon ... Wilhelm Grimm
Heath Ledger ... Jacob Grimm
My Rating:5

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Review - Brothers Grimm, The

Where I saw it: On a Blockbuster DVD at home with my wife.

Why I saw it: When it first came out, I read a review that said it was clever and funny. It also seemed to be the sort of movie Sally would like.

What I expected: I expected it to be clever and funny and the sort of movie Sally would like.

Brief Synopsis: Brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm make their living ridding German villages of ghosts and ghouls. But it’s all a fraud — they provide their own ghosts. So they find themselves in a great deal of trouble when they are arrested by Cavaldi and taken to a village that has a real problem — young girls keep disappearing (among them Little Red Riding Cape). With the aid of Angelika, a young woman who lives in the village, the brothers try to find the missing girls and defeat the Mirror Queen and the Big Bad Wolf.

What I liked about it: Let me think … Some of the sets were impressive. The way bits and pieces of several fairy tails were included was somewhat clever.

What I didn’t like about it: It was chaotic. There was a great deal of screaming and running around which made it very difficult to keep track of what was going on. When it was over, I didn’t care what happened to who. I was just glad the noise and confusion had stopped.

Bottom line: It was bizarre. I’ve seen Time Bandits and Monty Python and the Holy Grail, so I knew Gilliam made bizarre movies — but this was BIZARRE. The scene in which a girl gets swallowed by a horse was, perhaps, the pinnacle of strangeness. The characters weren’t consistent, especially Cavaldi. He was a cruel and twisted henchman of the French general Delatombe who at the end, all of a sudden became a nice guy.

Recommendation: Avoid it. Spend the two hours reading a book.
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