Catch Me If You Can

directed by Steven Spielberg
Category: "Suspense"
Year of Release:2002
Date Added:04/04/2008
Date Watched:12/27/2002
Description:Leonardo DiCaprio ... Frank Abagnale Jr.
Tom Hanks ... Carl Hanratty
Christopher Walken ... Frank Abagnale
Martin Sheen ... Roger Strong
Nathalie Baye ... Paula Abagnale

Frank Abagnale, Jr. runs away at 16 when his parents divorce. He impersonates teachers, pilots, doctors and lawyers and writes millions of dollars in forged checks. He's pursued by Carl Hanratty, an FBI agent determined to catch the kid who humiliated him. By they time he finally runs Frank down in France, he's taken an interest in him and works out a release from prison in exchange for Frank's help with check forgery.
My Rating:7

Reviews for Catch Me If You Can

Review - Catch Me If You Can

I find myself sympathizing with Frank and Carl when I watch this movie. Frank because he's just searching for the ideal he thought he had before his parents split up and Carl because his job is all he has.
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