directed by Roy Kellino
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:1953
Date Added:04/04/2008
Date Watched:07/04/2005
My Rating:6

Reviews for Charade

Review - Charade

Three short pieces.

In the first, a woman spots a murderer coming out of the apartment next to hers. She is bored with life and so decides not to turn him in but to paint his picture. When he moves into the apartment of the murdered woman, the begin an affair. In time, however, he gets the urge and murders her too. But when the police arrive, they find on his picture the caption “portrait of a murderer.”

In the second, a wounded officer gets transferred to a post near where his fiancée lives. Another officer who proposed to the same woman but was rejected, insults him and brings on a duel. As the challenged, the other officer sets the terms, including the condition that only one of the guns be loaded. When the wounded officer’s gun doesn’t go off, the other officer offers him a chance to back down, He doesn’t, and it transpires that both guns are unloaded. For this trick, the other officer is kicked out of the army. But the woman hears a report from her maid that the other officer is seen walking away. She assumes the wounded officer is dead and tries to kill herself. He arrives just in time to stop her and promises never to duel again.

In the third, a man who only knows how to make money and lives a boring life otherwise determines to change. He disappears and becomes a butler. He soon falls in love with the maid. When their employer decides to take them on a cruise to America, the butler finds out how much the maid is looking forward to sailing on a yacht. He can’t stand the thought of her sailing on anyone’s ship but his own, so he gambles with the employer and wins the yacht. He is soon back to his money-making ways.

I only watched it because it was included on my Charade (1963 version with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn). There is no similarity except the title — it was obvious that somebody was just looking for fillers. The first two stories were entertaining enough, although they seemed like TV episodes. The last was just silly.
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