directed by Roman Polanski
Category: "Suspense"
Year of Release:1974
Date Added:04/04/2008
Date Watched:10/10/2004
My Rating:7

Reviews for Chinatown

Review - Chinatown

Jake Gittes is a private investigator who specialized in tracking down cheating spouses. A “Mrs. Mulwray” hires him to find evidence of her husband’s affair, which he does. Hollis. Mulwray is the head of the Los Angeles water board. He’s trying to prevent the building of a new reservoir because the dam wouldn’t be safe. After Gittes photographs Mulwray’s affair, two things happen — Mulwray is found dead in a reservoir and the real Mrs. Mulwray shows up and wants to know who hired Gittes. Gittes decides to investigate and discovers that Noah Cross, a former partner of Mulwray’s is buying up farmland north of town. He plans on diverting the water from the new dam to his own land and make money. Mulwray discovers this and is murdered. Gittes’ investigation discovers this, but also discovers a lot of other sordid details. Mrs. Mulwray is the daughter of Noah Cross. When she was 15, her father impregnated her. Her daughter/sister is the woman Mulwray was having an affair with. In the end, nothing goes as Gittes plans. Cross is going to get away with his murder and water scheme. Mrs. Mulwray (whom Gittes had a fling with) is killed by crooked cops. Cross tells the girl she is his granddaughter, but she doesn’t realize he’s also her father.

• I have never thought, nor do I now that Faye Dunaway is at all attractive.
• I defy you to watch the scene where Gittes gets his nose slit (by a character played by the director, Roman Polanski) without grabbing your own nose.
• The movie had almost nothing to do with Chinatown. Gittes used to be a cop on the Chinatown beat and quit because nothing there ever turned out right. The neighborhood is the location of the final scene where everything goes wrong for Gittes yet again.
• This may be the first Jack Nicholson movie (other than Going South) that I’ve seen where I actually liked his character.

I understand what they were trying to accomplish with having the movie just end without resolution, but I found it annoying. I enjoyed it OK, but I wouldn’t put it on my top 50 list
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