The Court Jester

directed by Melvin Frank
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1955
Date Added:04/10/2008
Date Watched:12/17/2005
Description:Danny Kaye ... Hubert Hawkins
Glynis Johns ... Maid Jean
Basil Rathbone ... Sir Ravenhurst
Angela Lansbury ... Princess Gwendolyn
My Rating:7

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Review - Court Jester, The

King Roderick has usurped the throne. The rightful heir is a baby with a distinctive birthmark on his bum. The Black Fox has hidden the baby in the forest with his band of men, and the king is looking for them. Hubert, who used to be a carnival performer, watches over the baby. When the king’s men approach, the Fox sends Hubert and Maid Jean are sent to hide the baby. On the way, they meet the king’s new jester. They knock him out, and Hubert takes his place so he can work his way into the king’s chamber and get the key to the secret passage into the castle. Maid Jean is also taken by the king’s men as one of the wenches at the king’s party.

Hubert gets into all sorts of trouble — the king’s men think he’s the assassin they hired to kill some of the king’s other men: the king’s daughter Gwendolyn, wants to marry him: Sir Griswold, who has been promised Gwendolyn’s hand and challenges Hubert to a duel: the baby, the rightful heir, is hidden in the castle. Maid Jean sends a message to the Black Fox to ask for help. Hubert is hypnotized by Gwendolyn’s maid and made into a mighty fighter. There’s a lot of mayhem and slapstick, but in the end, the rightful heir is on the throne and Hubert marries Maid Jean.

Silly, but often funny with clever wordplay and songs. Danny Kaye is good at playing his changing roles.
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