The Day After Tomorrow

directed by Roland Emmerich
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:2004
Date Added:04/10/2008
Date Watched:01/12/2005
Description:A bit of silly propaganda about global warming causing an ice age.

Dennis Quaid ... Jack Hall
Jake Gyllenhaal ... Sam Hall
Emmy Rossum ... Laura Chapman
My Rating:5

Reviews for The Day After Tomorrow

Review - Day After Tomorrow, The

The day after the American Vice President scoffingly refuses to sign the Kyoto Treaty, three huge storms develop in the northern hemisphere and usher in another ice age. Jack Hall, a climatologist who predicted it all, has a son, Sam, who is in Manhattan with his school quiz team. When the storm causes a huge wall of water to engulf NY, Sam and his friends hole up in the library. Sam manages to find a working phone and contact Jack who tells him to stay put and stay warm because the storm was about to bring temperatures too cold for anyone to survive. Sam’s teammate and crush, Laura, cut her leg in the flooded streets, and has blood poisoning. Sam and two friends walk outside to a ship that just happened to get stranded deep in Manhattan. They find a bottle of penicillin, and manage to ward off a pack of zoo wolves that escaped. Meanwhile, in Washington, Jack’s wife, Lucy is stranded in a hospital. She’s a nurse and won’t leave a terminally-ill boy to die. Fortunately, long after everyone else has abandoned the city, an ambulance arrives and takes them off safely. Jack briefs the President and recommends that the entire southern half of the United States be evacuated to Mexico. It’s already too late for the northern half because the eye of the storm brings frigidly cold temperatures that no one can survive. Then Jack and two buddies, Jason and Frank take off for New York to rescue Sam. The walk most of the way, and really fast, since it only takes them two days in the face of a killer blizzard, not counting the time they spend holed up in a Wendy’s while the eye passes over. They accidentally walk across the glass roof of a building, and Frank falls to his death. But Jack and Jason make it to NY and find Sam and Laura and the others safe in the library, burning books. As the rescue helicopters arrive (the storm is now over and a ice field covers the northern hemisphere) to pick up Jack and the others, hundred of people (who were heretofore hidden) wander out onto the roofs of Manhattan buildings.

Ludicrous pseudo-science made the whole thing laughable. The only interesting part was the story of the people struggling for survival against the elements in the Manhattan library — except even that was stupid. OK, it was too cold to walk to Mexico — I understand that. But it wasn’t too cold to walk to the next building. This was Manhattan, for Pete sake. They almost starved to death in the middle of the wealthiest city in the world. And somewhere in that city, I’m betting they could have found a store with kerosene-driven generators to keep them warm too. Too bogus. I gave it a 5, and it only got that because Laura was played by Emmy Rossum.
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