directed by Cameron Crowe
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:2005
Date Added:04/11/2008
Date Watched:04/29/2006
My Rating:5

Reviews for Elizabethtown

Review - Elizabethtown

Why I saw it: Sal and I were in the mood for a movie — this was the best that I could find on a very busy Saturday night at Blockbuster.

Brief Synopsis: Drew Baylor is a designer for a shoe company. His latest product is a failure that costs his company almost a billion dollars. He’s about to become the laughing stock of the industry when he gets a phone call from his sister saying that their father has just died. Drew’s dad was visiting his relatives in Kentucky, and his mom wants Drew to go and bring the body back to Oregon.

On the plane, Drew meets Claire, a frighteningly-friendly stewardess. She chats with him during most of the flight, then gives him her phone number. Drew goes to his relatives and suffers culture shock. Back in his hotel, he’s lonely. He calls Claire and they spend the night talking. She puts off a flight to Hawaii and comes to his hotel to see him. They get to know each other better, but seem reluctant to commit.

At the memorial service, Drew’s mom puts on a comedy act that gets everyone laughing. His cousin Jesse plays a song with his band that starts the room on fire. Claire shows up and convinces Drew that he needs to take a road trip with his father’s remains. She gives him a map, complete with interesting sites to see along the way and CDs to listen to. She meets up with him along the way and they admit their love.

What I liked about it: The characters were likeable and there were humorous moments here and there.

What I didn’t like about it: I’m not sure what it was about. The movie never seemed to settle on a point. There was a smattering of unnecessary swearing.


• Claire Colburn: Welcome to the annual meeting of people who annually meet, and we'll see ya'll next year.

• Bill Banyon: Is there such a thing as partial cremation?

Bottom line: Because I couldn’t figure out what the movie was trying to say, I gave it a 5.

Other comments: Has Alec Baldwin’s career been reduced to brief appearances as somebody’s jerk boss?
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