directed by Barry Levinson
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:2004
Date Added:04/11/2008
Date Watched:11/28/2005
My Rating:5

Reviews for Envy

Review - Envy

Tim and Nick are best friends. When Nick comes up with an idea for Va-Poo-Rize, Tim scorns him and refuses to put money into the project. The spray-on formula that makes poo disappear is a big hit and Nick is soon living in the lap of luxury, complete with a huge house, big pool and horse. Tim is jealous, and his wife, Debbie keeps nagging him about how they could have been rich. Tim blows up at his boss and gets fired. He goes to a bar and meets J-Man, a drunk who tells him how he got back at the neighborhood bully when he was a kid by stealing the kid’s BB gun and shooting out the windows in his own house. Tim goes home and grabs Nick’s bow and arrow and shoots toward Tim’s house where Nick’s horse is grazing on apples. The arrow hits the horse, which dies.

This gets Tim and Debbie involved in trying to cover up what they’ve done. Tim buries the horse, then with the help of the J-Man ties it to the top of his van to hide it in the woods. But the horse falls off the van somewhere. Tim can’t live with the guilt, and when the J-Man starts blackmailing him, he confesses. Nick forgives him and makes him a full partner. Nick’s wife is running for state senate, and at a rally, the horse floats by in the river. An autopsy reveals that the horse didn’t die from the arrow but from being poisoned by the poo spray. But then Tim comes up with an idea to put the desert flan into toothpaste tubes, and the friends ride this invention to wealth.

Really stupid. There was a clever idea in there somewhere, but it totally got lost. Rachel Weisz, whom I’ve liked in other movies, was totally wasted. I don’t like Jack Black or Christopher Walken, and Ben Stiller annoys me at least half the time. The ending was flat and without point.
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