Fantastic Four

directed by Tim Story
Category: "Action/Adventure"
Year of Release:2005
Date Added:04/11/2008
Date Watched:07/10/2005
My Rating:8

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Review - Fantastic Four

Reed Richards and Ben Grimm appeal to Victor Von Doom, whom Richards knew in college, to use his space station to investigate a cosmic storm. Sue and Johnny Storm come along, Sue as Doom’s research assistant and Johnny as pilot. (Sue also was Reed’s girlfriend in college.) They get too close and are bombarded by cosmic rays that soon alter their DNA. Richards can stretch, Sue can turn invisible, Johnny can burst into flame and Ben turns into a walking rock pile with great strength. As the four of them are living in Reed’s lab trying to find a way to reverse the process, Doom is turning into metal and gaining the ability to harness power. There’s a public rescue on a bridge that gives the four celebrity. Johnny milks it and becomes a star while Ben suffers and sees his marriage crumble. Doom decides to get rid of the four and starts by turning Ben back into a man. But when Ben finds out his buddies are in danger, he turns back. In a big showdown on a city street, the four defeat Doom, who is frozen, but still alive. They decide to stick together as a super-hero team.

I’m packing the truck to move today, so I’m wrapping this up without giving a lot of other details. The movie stuck pretty close to the comic in story and feel, but I enjoyed it at that level.
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