directed by Robert Schwentke
Category: "Suspense"
Year of Release:2005
Date Added:04/11/2008
Date Watched:10/22/2005
My Rating:5

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Review - Flightplan

Kyle is an airplane engineer living in Germany. Her husband has just died, and she’s taking her daughter Julia back to America. She’s having a tough time with her grief and keeps imagining her husband is still alive. They board a huge double-deck airliner that Kyle helped engineer. Soon after takeoff, Kyle takes a nap. When she wakes up, Julia is missing. She searches the plane, then informs the flight crew. They help her look, and contact the captain, but it soon becomes apparent that nobody noticed Julia get on board. When the captain calls back to the airport, she’s told that Kyle’s husband killed Julia when he took his own life. Carson, an air marshal handcuffs Kyle and escorts her back to her seat. A counselor sits with her and tries to convince her that she’s just having a hard time with her grief. But Kyle sees a heart in the window condensation, put there by Julia when they first got aboard.

Kyle asks to use the bathroom. She climbs through a port into the electrical center and releases the oxygen masks and turns off the lights. In the confusion, she goes down into the hold to search for her daughter. Carson finds her and takes her back to his seat. The captain decides to put the plane down in Newfoundland.

At this point, Carson exposes himself as the bad guy. He goes to the captain with demands for money and an escape plane, supposedly from Kyle but really his own in conjunction with Stephanie, one of the flight attendants. Carson plants explosives that were hidden in the coffin of Kyle’s husband. The plane lands. Everyone gets off. When Carson walks off, Kyle tells him to get back on board. (This was a part of the movie that made no sense to me.) He gets back on. Kyle docks him with a fire extinguisher and runs to find Julia. Carson gets up and chases her. Kyle finds Julia in the tail section, lures Carson in the area, then ducks behind a firewall with Julia. The bombs go off and Carson dies. Stephanie is captured. The captain apologizes to Kyle for doubting her.

It was relatively suspenseful, but made little sense. OK, so the Carson hid the explosives in the coffin. Why did he need to take Julia and hide her? I guess it was so he could make demands for money as though she were making them, but surely that would have been exposed in the end anyway, even if Kyle hadn’t made such a stink? And then the scene where Carson was at the bottom of the steps and Kyle told him to get back on board. That made no sense whatsoever. If he had kept walking, he would have been away scott free. Even if Kyle had told about the bombs, nobody was believing her at that point.
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