Fun with Dick and Jane

directed by Dean Parisot
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:2005
Date Added:04/11/2008
Date Watched:04/22/2006
My Rating:6

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Review - Fun with Dick and Jane

Why I saw it: No particular reason.

Brief Synopsis: Dick gets promoted to vice-president of Globodyne Corporation and convinces his wife to quit her job. Dick’s first job as V.P. is to appear on a national money show where he’s forced to explain why Jack McCallister, the C.E.O. just sold all his stock and got out — something Dick knew nothing about. His national exposure prevents him from getting another job in his industry, and jobs are scarce because of Globodyne’s disintegration. Dick and Jane attempt to find work, but it’s just not happening. They end up selling all their belongings. Finally they get a foreclosure notice on their home.

In desperation, Dick decides to rob a convenience story. Jane, thinking he’s kidding, comes along for the ride. Mishaps ensue, but eventually they get the hang of the whole robbery thing. Then they decide to go after McCallister. With the help of Frank Boscombe, McCallister’s right-hand-man, they develop a scheme to steal all the money he stole from Globodyne.

More insanity takes place, but in the end, they forge McCallister’s signature and get his $400 million placed into the Globodyne employees pension fund.

What I liked about it: Téa Leoni was great, especially in the scene where Dick first tries to turn to crime. Her facial expressions were great. There were a few funny parts scattered here and there throughout.

What I didn’t like about it: Jim Carrey engaged in his usual over-acting. About half the energy would have been right for the role. And it was hard to root for the Harpers when they were, in fact, stealing money.

Bottom line: I gave it a 6. I’ve never seen the earlier version, but I’ve heard it was much better.
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