The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Category: "Fantasy"
Year of Release:1947
Date Added:04/11/2008
Date Watched:09/23/2005
My Rating:6

Reviews for The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

Review - Ghost and Mrs. Muir, The

Widow Lucy Muir rents a cottage on the English Channel and soon meets Captain Gregg, a seaman who died in the cottage. Lucy becomes friends with the ghost, and he dictates his life story to her so she can sell the book and buy the cottage. At the publisher’s she falls in love with Miles Fairley. Gregg is opposed, but steps aside and goes away. Lucy finds out Fairley is already married. She returns to the cottage and lives a long lonely life, thinking her memories of Gregg were just dreams. She finally dies and Gregg shows up. The two walk off together.

Pretty corny, but with a little sauce and likeable characters.
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