The Godfather: Part II

directed by Francis Ford Coppola
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:1974
Date Added:04/11/2008
Date Watched:10/22/2005
My Rating:5

Reviews for The Godfather: Part II

Review - Godfather: Part II, The

Two stories. In one, young Vito Corleone travels alone to America, grows up in New York and begins a life of crime. When don Fanucci, the local bigshot, hits him up for protection money, Vito kills him, then returns to Sicily to kill the man who murdered his father and brother.

In the other story, Vito’s son Michael cements his authority as the new Godfather with the help of his adopted brother/lawyer Tom. Early in the movie, there’s an attempt on his life. He figures out that the gunmen were hired by Miami crime boss Hyman Roth with help from Michael’s brother Fredo. He disowns Fredo and sends a man to kill Roth, but man is killed and Roth escapes overseas. At the same time, Michael is having a “family” battle with his uncle Frankie. Frankie agrees to testify before the senate, but Michael puts pressure on him and Frankie backs down. Kay, Michael’s wife has an abortion so she won’t give birth to the next generation of Corleones. When she tells Michael, he kicks her out. One night, all the sub-plots come together. Tom convinces Frankie to commit suicide in his safe house in exchange for having his family protected. Fredo is killed while fishing. Roth tries to return to the U.S. and is gunned down. The movie ends with Michael having dispatched all his enemies, but absolutely alone.

I can understand how it is technically excellent and well acted, but what a depressing movie. I can’t figure out why anyone would want to watch it the first time, much less a second time.
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