directed by Jeff Kanew
Category: "Action/Adventure"
Year of Release:1985
Date Added:04/11/2008
Date Watched:04/11/2007
Description:An American college student travels to France where he meets a woman. They spend several days together. She tells him she is a courier and has to go to East Germany. He goes along. Without his knowledge, she picks up a roll of film and plants it in his bag. He carries it back over the border, but is soon being chased by a Russian who tries to kill him. He makes it back to the states, finds the film and tries to turn it over to the CIA. He finds out Sasha is really an American CIA agent. He manages to stop the Russian and get the film to the right place. Sasha convinces him she really cares about him.
My Rating:5

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Review - Gotcha!

The story might have been a bit more believable/enjoyable if the woman was remotely attractive and the American kid was not so blindly stupid. Or maybe not.
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