An Ideal Husband

directed by Oliver Parker
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1999
Date Added:04/17/2008
Date Watched:06/24/2014
Description:Sir Robert Chiltern (Jeremy Northam) is a British politician known for his integrity. His wife, Lady Gertrude (Cate Blanchett) worships him for this. But all is thrown into turmoil when Mrs. Cheveley (Julianne Moore) shows up with a letter from Robert's past that will ruin his career. She attempts to blackmail him into supporting a scheme that will make her fortune, but he refuses. When Gertrude finds out about Robert's past mistake, she kicks him out of the house. Only some clever shuffling by Robert's friend, Lord Goring (Rupert Everett), saves the day and gets rid of Mrs. Chevely, recovers the condemning letter and reunites the Chilterns. For good measure, Goring marries Robert's sister Mabel (Minnie Driver).

My Rating:8

Reviews for An Ideal Husband

Review - An Ideal Husband

Fairly clever, with some good acting jobs, but I suspect I like it most for the cast and the good time they seemed to be having.
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