Life or Something Like It

directed by Stephen Herek
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:2002
Date Added:04/24/2008
Date Watched:03/23/2005
My Rating:7

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Review - Life or Something Like It

Lanie is a Seattle TV reporter who is organizing every aspect of her life in order to get what she wants — a rich husband and a network job. She’s engaged to Cal Cooper, a star of the Mariners and has everything in place to present the perfect image. She’s not happy when her boss teams her with cameraman Pete with whom she once had a brief fling. The two don’t get along at all. Then, while doing a story on a street seer who makes predictions, the man tells her she’s going to die in a week. She doesn’t think much of it until his other predictions all start coming true. She tries to talk to her friends and family, but they won’t take her seriously. Cal is no help, he just takes her to the ballpark to hit the ball around and he can’t think of a reason for them to stay together. She breaks up with him, to his surprise. She gets drunk and shows up for work to cover a truckers strike. Instead of reporting the story, she leads the strikers in I Can’t Get No Satisfaction. Her performance becomes the top news story of the day. She passes out in Pete’s car, and he takes her to his place. The two of them take a day off work and hang out around Seattle with Pete’s son. At the end of the day, they sleep together.

But it turns out that her hijinks with the strikers attracted the network and they want her for a trial run. She interviews Deborah Connors, her hero, but instead of asking the prepared questions, she asks her if her success was worth all she had to give up. Deborah breaks down on camera. She tries to get Lanie fired, but the network loves it and offers Lanie a great position. But by this time, she’s decided that what she wants is Pete. But there’s still the prediction to deal with. She walks out of the studio and gets shot accidentally when two men quarrel. She almost dies, but just manages to pull through to find Pete waiting by her bedside. The two return to Seattle and fall in love.

Pretty silly, but enjoyable on a mindless level. There were a few laugh-out-loud funny parts. It was a bit hard getting used to Angelina Jolie as a bleach blond.
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