The Lives of a Bengal Lancer

directed by Henry Hathaway
Category: "War"
Year of Release:1935
Date Added:04/24/2008
Date Watched:07/02/2005
My Rating:7

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Review - Lives of a Bengal Lancer, The

Northwest frontier of India. Two Lancer officers are killed in a confrontation. Their replacements are the cheeky but brave Forsythe and just-out-of Sandhurst Stone who is the son of the old-line by-the-books Colonel. McGregor is the lieutenant who is training the new men. Stone quickly becomes disillusioned because his father is so hard and cold. Stone starts to drink and revel with women. McGregor meets with a spy who informs him that Mohammed Khan is planning to interrupt an arms shipment and start a rebellion. Khan kidnaps the young Stone in an attempt to lure the Colonel into a trap. The Colonel doesn’t bite, but McGregor and Forsythe pursue and are also captured. They are tortured for information on the shipment, and young Stone breaks. Khan gets the ammunition. When the Colonel’s Lancers approach, McGregor and Forsythe attack their guard and escape. McGregor manages to explode the ammunition buy dies in the process. Young Stone, finally repentant, grabs a knife and kills Khan, which breaks the back of the resistance. All three lieutenants are given medals, McGregor posthumously.

• Reported to be Adolf Hitler's favorite film.

• Paramount hired hundreds of Piute Indians from nearby reservations and Hindu fruit and olive pickers from California's Napa Valley and Imperial Valley to play the Afridi tribesmen in the battle sequences.

• This is the film where Douglass Dumbrille says, "We have ways of making men talk," although everybody remembers it as, "We have ways of making you talk."

Certainly dated, but fun. The character of Forsythe was one of those obnoxious jerks who are so care-free you can’t help but like them in spite of yourself. Cooper’s McGregor played off of him well.
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